Creating access to millions of underserved blind and visually impaired

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Arazim - About Us:

Arazim Mobile's tactile tablet has graphic resolution and enables the blind and visually impaired to benefit from and contribute to the online world. 

Whereas current solutions do not provide real graphics, our technology displays graphics as well as enable users to enjoy and participate in reach online experience. 

By the use of our solutions blind will be able to -   

  • build presentations, spreadsheets and other office applications
  • enjoy online games
  • surf the web like anyone else

Our Technology

Arazim offers innovative tactile tablet solutions - 

  • thousands of pins that are moved to different heights
  • high resolution - enables display of graphic information
  • unique interface, which makes it easy to use and enriches user  experience 
  • two-way communication - user can click on tactile icons
  • incorporated tactile keyboard, modified to serve any application