Our Team

Rami Cohen - CEO


25+ years of experience with strategy consultancy as well as hands-on, senior management experience. Specializes in Business- and corporate development. He initiated several companies in the past and is experienced in creating growth for small-cap companies. Rami previously founded ClassifEye, which developed fingerprint technology for mobile security. He has an MBA from the University of Derby, UK. 

Jacob Eluz – CTO


25+ years of experience in the field of electronic design and production. Has worked for several large companies in Israel managing development of products from scratch to full roll-out, such as Intel, Xlight and PMC-Sierra. His expertise is in board- and product design. Jacob has a BSc in Computers and electro-optics from the Ben Gurion University and an MBA from the Hebrew University, JerusalemScience.

Sharon Sharf– VP R&D

20+ years of experience in management of development projects in the fields of IOT and medical devices. Currently, he serves as project manager at IDEO Mobile, a development services provider. Prior to that, he worked for Unitask, where he managed software development projects. Sharon has also worked for Spiral Solutions, e-Glue and other Israeli software companies. Sharon has a BSc from the University of Haifa in Mathematics and Computer Science.